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Who we are

Africa Marketing Agency is owned by Mr Nkosana Ndaba who has more than fifteen years marketing experience backed by a team of four capable team. Africa Marketing Agency operates nationally as well as some areas in the continent of Africa and subscribes to the concept of transforming township and rural areas communities so that they are self reliant, informed and responsible citizens.

Our communication activities help a lot in the transfer and dissemination of knowledge to our communities country wide. We also pride ourselves in our open minded and accommodating approach where we also collaborate and co present with local organizations, bodies and businesses of the communities we serve.

Our solution to high unemployment problem in our continent is self employment of our people and development of entrepreneurial skills as well as formation of local small business forums, co operatives, group service providers, partnership structures and employment creation programs which will result in economic development putting emphasis on encouraging women and the youth.

Our long term projects include mentoring programs and schools entrepreneurial skills transfer programs so that our school going children learn from early stages that they can also contribute towards the success of their country by being self employed rather than job seeking and depending on the government.

Africa Marketing Agency works from a briefing, formulation of a concept, evaluation thereof. Analyzing, monitoring, supervision until completion of a project. We challenge problems that we face through our sound understanding backed by experience and knowledgeable flexible solutions. We believe that our service will provide solutions to every aspect of your communication problem and requirements. We would like to play a part in making sure that you realize your goals and identify with your desire to succeed.

Our people’s empowerment matters most to us and we will work hard to be part of the solution.


To provide broad marketing services of high quality standards working hand in hand with our clients every step of the way and achieving desirer able results.



A quest to be path-finders who will bring back the same old innovative means to communicating with our people in our continent of Africa at a level which has always kept them together also encompassing digital mix  and contributing to their development and empowerment through our informative projects and or events which will facilitate a better life for all and fight against poverty.

We create trends for the World

We offer a complete one-stop innovative marketing service especially when you want to communicate with our people targeting those from the previously disadvantaged communities and the rural areas through:

Summits, expositions, shows, trade fairs, conferences, workshops and various events etc. where we always thrive to produce best results.

Our edge is provided by our indigenous creativity.