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We intend bringing the above major initiative directly to the tertiary and the TVETs  country wide.

The aim is to empower students especially women about planning as well as equipping themselves for the future and be ready completion of their studies.

These important workshops will help bring them information about understanding the importance of planning ahead and the effect of its contribution to the country’s youth unemployment status as well as contributing towards the economic growth.


Efforts by the government and the private sector to encourage women and the youth towards the culture of advancement must be supported by all sectors and other stake holders so that success can be achieved.

The following topics will be addressed:


1.        Internships and Learner ships Unpacked

2.      Further Education Opportunities for development

3.      Personal Branding and CV writing skill   

4.      Opportunities in all industries


The itinerary covers most TVETs country wide.

Dates: 2nd  until the 16th April 2019


For more participation details contact our office at (011) 258-8515